Kalymnos 5-day climbing course

Beginners level

This course is a great way to experience rock climbing as part of an active holiday at the climbers’ paradise of Kalymnos, while getting away from the stress of city lifestyle.

Here you will learn climbing techniques and familiarize yourself with basic safety rules. Within this course you will acquire the appropriate skills and knowledge to partake in the climbing world in the most joyful and safest way. Our intention is to prepare you to become autonomous climbers. You will develop skills necessary to train your body to be more efficient with balance and foot work techniques. Better concentration, confidence and new skills will take your climbing to the next level.

For whom

No climbing experience is required. This course is ideal for beginners and indoor climbers wishing to introduce climbing into their lives. It is a great introduction to sport climbing.

Through this course you will learn how to:

  • An introduction to fundamental skills of a climber (technique-balance-movement, physical strength, security)
  • How to top-rope climbs
  • Obtaining safety skills
  • Climbing in a wide range of different styles (tufa, steep, vertical, corners, slabs)
  • Understanding the risks of outdoor activities
  • Building confidence and concentration.
  • Understanding and trusting the necessary climbing equipment.
  • Building up cooperation and communication between climbing partners
  • An introduction to lead climbing
  • Having a lot of fun and celebrating life.

What is included:

  • 5 days of guided and instructed climbing (approximately 4-5 hours per day).
  • All the climbing gear is included – except climbing shoes (which you can rent from local climbing shops or you can bring your own).
  • Student – certified climbing instructor ratio 4:1.

What is not included:

  • Accommodation: either you can choose your own accommodation or, on request, accommodation can be booked for you at studios which offer discounted prices to our students.
  • Meals are not included although local apartments usually have a fridge and a basic kitchen so you can prepare your own food and local restaurants have excellent quality at very reasonable prices.
  • Transportation

How to Apply: Contact us for bookings and more information

The climbing course runs with a minimum of 2 students and maximum of 4 students. Private tuition is possible as well as Group tuition: please ask for more details

«If you are interested in taking the Beginners Course but none is scheduled on the calendar then just email us and we will try to arrange a course for the dates you request.»