Climbing in Cyprus:

Cyprus is a wonderful place to climb in the winter. Average maximum temperature for December is 19°C on the coast and 17°C inland, about two degrees higher than in January and February. Cyprus is a beautiful destination for rock climbing with its wild and spectacular rocky interior and stunning coastline. There are established sport climbing crags across the island. These areas are mainly single pitch, although at Pentadaktylos, there is a possibility for traditional multi-pitch routes. Cyprus also offers some great sandstone bouldering around Inia. The rock on the island is mainly limestone, except Inia , which is metamorphosed sandstone. With its quality routes, cheap flights, and great weather for rock climbing throughout the year, it is easy to understand why these rock climbing holidays in Cyprus is popular.

How to get there: There are two main airports in Larnaca & Paphos


Information about the retreat:

A Yoga & Rock Climbing Holiday challenges you and raises consciousness on many levels and is a way to deeply rejuvenate.
During this unique holiday you will receive individualized instruction in Yoga and Rock Climbing. Whether you are a beginner to both activities or you have already been practicing Yoga and Rock Climbing, you will enjoy this unique combination.
Beginners in Rock Climbing will have the opportunity to acquire safety skills, learn and enjoy climbing by attaining fundamental technical skills, whereas intermediate climbers will be able to improve their level.
You will begin to cultivate awareness through Yoga and Meditation on your mat and transfer these benefits into your climbing and daily life. Yoga will help restore your body after a day of climbing as well as give you the opportunity to explore your balance, breath, flexibility and strength. You will stretch your physical and mental skills and develop your technical abilities within Rock-Climbing in a friendly and inspiring environment.
These holidays can bring people from all over the world together and create an unforgettable experience. Attendees have felt empowered on many levels – physically, mentally and emotionally! Join this YOGA and ROCK CLIMBING retreat on the beautiful island of Cyprus.
Ask us if you are interested for the precise schedule of the retreat.


What is included:

  • 5 days of guided and instructed climbing (approximately 4-5 hours per day).
  • Climbing student – certified climbing instructor ratio 6:1
  • 6 evening yoga sessions (90 minutes each)
  • 3 meditation sessions
  • Yoga mats and Climbing gear – except climbing shoes (which you can rent from local climbing shops or you can bring your own).

What is not included:

  • Accommodation: either you can choose your own accommodation or, upon request, accommodation can be booked for you at studios which offer discounted prices to our students.
  • Meals are not included although local apartments usually have a fridge and a basic kitchen so you can prepare your own food and local restaurants have excellent quality at very reasonable prices
  • Transportation.
  • If you want a full package price including accommodation, transportation or meals, we can arrange that: please ask for more details 

How to Apply: Contact us for bookings and more information

«If you are interested in taking the Yoga & Climbing Retreat Course and there is none scheduled on the calendar then just email us and we will try to arrange a course for the dates you request.»