Beautiful Les Calanques. French Fjords of the Mediterranean

Les Calanques is one of those destinations that everyone has been dreaming to visit. This area offers picture-perfect bullet-proof sun-lit white limestone above the crystal blue waters of the French Mediterranean. Set between Cassis and Marseille, this 12-mile cliff band

The Greek King of the Calanques, Emperor of the Dolomites (1923-2004).

George Livanos, a great alpinist who was born in Marseille of France with a Greek father and grandfather. A Pure amateur mountaineer, he put more than 25,000 pitons, opened 500 routes in the historical and magical place of Les Calanques of Marseille, 40 in the Dolomites, a score in the Alps and repeated many major routes in the Alps and Dolomites. Many of the great names of Alpinism

Kalymnos climbing retreat with Sasha Digiulian

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Some deep thoughts about rock climbing, a divided island and peace

Rock climbing, a divided island & peace One of the most exciting things in climbing is sharing the love for rock climbing with so many different people all over the world. Through those years i am finding out that climbing gives us many options: to learn, to perform, to evolve, to improve, to have fun, meet people, travel and discover new culture and definitely became a better version of who we are. Climbing can impact

Kalymnos 5 days climbing course

One week climbing holidays on Kalymnos with Tania Matsuka a certified climbing instructor. All courses are created in an environment for you to progress and evolve. The enthusiasm and experience of Tania will help you learn and develop in safety your climbing abilities, whether you wish to push your limits, or just enjoy your climbing and bring more awareness to your climbing practice Plan your next climbing adventure and improve, train, have fun in a